Friday, September 3, 2010

In Yeppoon

Our room in Yeppoon. It's on a lagoon. Maroooned! Marooned!

I'm now in the motel in Yeppoon, waiting for Luke to come back from Bundaberg on the bus. It's a nice place and the bikes are stashed downstairs in a spare room - the owners here are very accommodating.

So. It's Tomorrow. I'm a little horrified that it's finally here. I haven't cycled since the unfortunate outing on Monday and I think I'm recovered from that injury. I'm probably less fit than I was a couple of weeks ago. Still, I'm hoping I can start off slow and feel fresh and energetic. The route seems relatively flat at the beginning with a few hills within 5km. Nothing too serious beyond what Gympie has prepared us for.

Our Rocky friends gave us the most incredulous look when we said we had to ride up to Mount Morgan. That's not the sort of thing that inspires confidence. On top of that, the weather map says its due to start raining late Saturday night, quite heavy, and I think it's going to stay wet for 2 days. Not a good start, I suspect, especially on the 2nd day when we're going to be a little sore and shellshocked.

Last night was fairly quiet in Yeppoon but I think that most riders are on their way here today. At the Thai restaurant we were playing "spot the cyclist" with passers-by. The tell-tale signs are the impressive calf muscles. I don't have those yet.

Tomorrow we have to work out how to get our luggage from here to the registration area. We have So. Much. Luggage. It's embarrassing. I don't think we've ever been anywhere with so many bags before - 4 duffel bags and 4 panniers. And we've repacked 6 times. Everything seems necessary, even the salad spinner. I don't think we're up for backpacking any time soon.

The motel has free internet but I don't know if we'll be able to go online while the tour is on. If we can, I'll try to add a fresh blog post. Otherwise... see you on the other side.

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