Sunday, August 15, 2010

Attacks and Abuse

This is not me.
Or the offending magpie, for that matter.
Pic from here
Rode 25km around the local circuit this morning and I still feel very energetic which means I'm getting fitter.

There's a particularly angry magpie that flies in and attacks every time I go near its tree. Unfortunately the road loops past the tree twice on the route so I usually get attacked twice. Lots of swooping and squarking. Fun times. I usually wave my hand or clap and it gives up. It also stops if I make eye contact which can be fairly amusing. It's a case of: "Squark SQUARK!" then, "What, are you looking at me? Ooh, look, a bug on the ground. Nothing to see here, doo doo doo doo... SQUARK!" Magpies are cowards, really. They like to sneak up from behind you.

Anyway today she was being a lot more aggressive than usual, swooping in very close. Usually my flag puts her off. I'm wondering if she's getting braver, perhaps stocking up on artillery for next time.

I also had the pleasure of having two young  P-plater dopes yell abuse at me from their ute. Couldn't hear what they said; it's sort of like a dog barking at you and just as intelligent, most likely. Of more concern was the loose bale of hay on the back. As they swerved around me it nearly flew off the back into my path.

Riding on the electric choppers, you become used to abuse from motorists. Unfortunately I feel a little less secure on the trike - I'm lower and completely human powered so it's a little harder to get out of trouble, I expect. Still, idiots yelling is par for the course with cyclists, I think. Motorists don't like us. We're a confusing inconvenience.

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