Friday, August 13, 2010


It's been a good week of training so far, 110km all up. Had a big day on Monday with 30km and then an even bigger day on Wednesday with 45km. Wednesday saw me trying out a different route on Sorensen/Groundwater road and I was really able to stretch the trike out and get it into top gear along the wonderful downhill straight. Top speed 45kph. You pay for it with a long 1km uphill later on, of course.

Today I took Luke out on the new route. We stopped at Madill Park and saw 2 wonderful rainbow bee-eaters in the trees. Madill proved handy for it's supply of bushes for a wee, although it's hard to sneak off when you're in colourful highly visible lycra clothing.

Luke's had some trouble with the clips on his 2 wheeler and has fallen off a bit too much resulting in multiple bruises and scrapes. He may have solved it, we'll have to wait and see.

The info about CQ2010 arrived today, looks interesting. Still wondering if we're going to be fit enough to do it - the 45km on Wednesday saw us both exhausted and staring at the wall. But must keep the training up. We're getting less tired and more able to work the hills every day, even if our legs are very sore.

My top speed today was 50kph. Luke hurtled past me at almost 60 on the downhill.

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