Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Am I Having Fun?

Today: 55km, a bit under 4 hours, average speed 14.2kph. This is the farthest I've cycled in my training program so far. Am now feeling rather exhausted but I think if I was on the tour I'd have been able to manage another 15-20km if pushed.

We stopped for lunch half way and resumed which was hard going. We may have had too much lunch. Lots of stops in the 2nd half but didn't actually get out of my seat the whole time.

I'm making an effort to smile, wave and say hello to people I pass. Usually the response is positive. Today a lady grinned at us and asked: "Are you having fun?"

I was hot, sweaty, sore-legged and heading for exhaustion but I answered immediately: "YES!"

Because, in spite of everything, it IS fun. Beats working.

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