Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Knee Trouble

Only managed 50km today, had to finish early because my left knee had really started to hurt. I think I pulled something while pedalling up a hill and it deteriorated from there. Interested to see if it will get better easily or if I'm in a spot of bother. It's only a week until we head to Rockhampton. I really can't afford to have an injury in this last week of training. Also ended up with a heat rash.

The magpie now knows where we live. It attacked me in the driveway. Will make sure I keep the doors locked at night. Luke says he also saw a wood duck swoop at me. Who knew that my cycling adventures would be so Hitchcockian?

Hurtling along Groundwater Rd I startled a bearded dragon who was sunning himself on the asphalt. He made a quick scamper into the bushes. Made me smile.

We both noticed that P platers give us a lot less room and are generally disinclined to decelerate near us. It's a bit of a worry.

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